Q - Would you state your name and occupation for the jury?

A - John Moore, patrolman. City of West Memphis

Q - Patrolman Moore, I wanna direct your attention to May the 5th,
1993. Um, were you on duty that night?

A - Yes sir.

Q - And approximately uh, 9:25 or so did you uh, respond to Catfish Island?

A - Yes sir.

Q - Alright, and what did you find when you got there?

A - I met there with Mrs. Hobbs and her husband and I believe she had a child with her.
She stated that one of her, or that her son, Steve Branch was missing.

Q - Okay, and did you make, start an incident report about that?

A - Yes, an incident report.

Q - Alright after taking this report from her did you participate in any of the search?

A - Yes sir.

Q - Alright and what involvement did you have in doing that? What did you do?

A - Okay, I went down, down the street from Catfish Island to an area and I met with Mr. Byers and he and I searched an area off Goodwin Street.

Q - Okay. I'm going to give you this pointer and differ your attention to States exhibit 101 and ask you to point out this area that you're talking about.

A - Okay. Catfish Island would be back over this way. See here's the truck stop. Catfish Island is here, and this is where I met Mrs. Hobbs. And I left there, and went up here and went back over to this dead end street here, where i met up with Mr. Byers, and it's dark, and i believe his wife left to go get him a flashlight. He and I with my flashlight went back in this area to search for the boys and we crossed up in here and back here and all the way back to here.

Q - Okay. What were the conditions out there where you were searching?

A - There was some water there and there were a few tracks but, none of the bicycle tracks looked fresh in the area that we were at.

Q - Were there other people searching?

A - Uh, there was other people there but, there was no one out there searching while I was there.

Q - I'm not talking about that particular area but, I'm talking about, were you aware of other people searching for the kids?

A - I believe Mr. Byers said the other family members were out searching for them also.

Fogleman - Okay. I don't have any further questions at this time.

STIDHAM- No questions your honor.