Statement of: Joe Houston Bartoush, Jr.
Route 2 Box 767 Lakeshore

DOB **-**-80 ***-****

On 10-27-92 I was at Lakeshore Trailer Park with Damien Echols when he killed a Black Great Dane. The dog was already sick and he hit the dog in the back of the head. He pulled the intestines out of the dog and started stomping the dog until blood came out of his mouth. He was going to come back later with battery acid so that he could burn the hair and skin off of the dog's head. He had two cat skulls, a dog skull and a rat skull that I already knew about. He kept these skulls in his bedroom at Jack Echols house in Lakeshore. He was trying to make the eyeballs of the dog he killed pop out when he was stomping. Damien had a camoflouge survival knife to cut the guts out of the dog with. This statement was written by Det. Ridge at my request.

This statement was completed at 2:07 PM on the 14 day of June 1993.

Witness: Det. B. Ridge
X Joe Bartoush(Signature of person giving voluntary statement)

Witness: Hubert B. Bartoush