STIDHAM: Would you please state your name for the Court?
KEITH JOHNSON: Keith Johnson.

STIDHAM: And where do you live Keith?
KEITH JOHNSON: Marked Tree, Arkansas.

STIDHAM: Ah, do you have any independent recollection of May the fifth, 1993?
KEITH JOHNSON: No sir, not really.

STIDHAM: Ok. You remember ever going wrestling with ah, some people in Dyess?

STIDHAM: Can you tell the court and the jury about that?
KEITH JOHNSON: Well, that afternoon, well one afternoon, my brother called me, and ah asked me if I wanted to go to wrestling school. I said 'Yeah, I'll go' so ah he said, I said 'what time you want me to meet' he said meet him at Lake David, that old Exxon, 'bout 6 o'clock. So I said OK. So 'bout that time, I got ready to go, and uh, I went there, and I got there right at 6 o'clock. I had to wait cause nobody showed up and I was waiting --

THE COURT: Get it done (??, interruption jumble)

STIDHAM: Let me stop you for just a second. Are you telling the court that you don't remember exactly what the date was?
KEITH JOHNSON: No sir, no sir don't know the date.

STIDHAM: Ok, continue please.
KEITH JOHNSON: And uh, well I got to Lake David and I was sitting there and waited til about 6 o'clock, and then nobody showed up so I just stayed around for a while. It was getting dark by the time, by the time everybody showed up.

STIDHAM: Ok, who showed up?
KEITH JOHNSON: Uh, see that's one thing i can't I don't remember all the peoples names that was there.

STIDHAM: Was this the first time you'd meet these people?
KEITH JOHNSON: Yes sir, the first time I met all of them besides uh, Johnny Hamilton.

STIDHAM: Mr. Hamilton was the only one that you were familiar with.
KEITH JOHNSON: That's the only one I knew.

STIDHAM: Ok. Um, Was the defendant, Mr. Misskelley there that night?
KEITH JOHNSON: Yes sir, he was.

STIDHAM: Ok, what happened after they arrived?
KEITH JOHNSON: Well they asked me if a, a few of the guys could ride with me and I said 'we only have room for two,' because uh, I had some, some big speakers in my back car, and I couldn't fit nobody in the back seat. So Jessie, and another guy, I, see I don't remember his name, got in the front seat with me, and then uh, another guy, one of them parked their car and they took, we took off, to Dyess.

STIDHAM: Did anything happen, I assume you went straight to Dyess?
KEITH JOHNSON: Yes sir, we went straight to Dyess.

STIDHAM: Where did you got when you got to Dyess?
KEITH JOHNSON: Ahh, went to this, uh right there, think it's maybe in town, big built wrestling building, looked an old theater or something.

STIDHAM: Ok, ah Mr. Misskelley was with you?
KEITH JOHNSON: Yes sir, he rode right beside me.

STIDHAM: Did anything happen that night, uh to Mr. Misskelley?
KEITH JOHNSON: Yeah, uh, after we wrestlin around for a while, he was outside on the floor, and then someone got out and ah tried to throw him back in, he hit his head on the ring. And then, after that, you know, he sat out from wrestling the rest of the night.

STIDHAM: What time did y'all leave Dyess that night?
KEITH JOHNSON: I don't remember exactly what time it was, but I got to my house a little after 10 o'clock that night.

STIDHAM: Ok, uh. Do you remember about reading or hearing about the three boys were missing in relationship to that time?
KEITH JOHNSON: No sir, I didn't hear about it until three or four days later, I don't watch much news at night, I just watch sports and stuff like that.

STIDHAM: And you can't remember specifically what the date was this night that you went wrestling at?
KEITH JOHNSON: No sir, I can't remember.

STIDHAM: How many times have you been to Dyess?

STIDHAM: Pass the witness.

FOGLEMAN: Mr. Johnson, you have no idea when this happened, do you?
KEITH JOHNSON: No sir, I sure don't.

FOGLEMAN: Ok, coulda been April?
KEITH JOHNSON: (silence)

FOGLEMAN: I mean, you don't have any idea, right?
KEITH JOHNSON: Well all I know is the night, when my when my brother called me, he was supposed to show up and he did not show up, cause and I asked him where he was --

FOGLEMAN: He didn't show up at all?
KEITH JOHNSON: He didn't show up at all, cause he had to go to a rescue meeting or something that night.

FOGLEMAN: Ok. Your brother's been in search and rescue for a while right?

FOGLEMAN: In fact, uh, back in January he was in search and rescue, right?
KEITH JOHNSON: I, I don't know, I was probably in school in January

FOGLEMAN: Ok, well they meet a couple times a month, don't they?
KEITH JOHNSON: I don't know nothing about it.

FOGLEMAN: You don't know anything about it. So, uh, well if the proof shows that, you know, your brother went a couple of times a month to search and rescue, it could have been any one of those times, couldn't it?
KEITH JOHNSON: I guess, but in January, I was in school in January, so --

FOGLEMAN: Well I'm not suggesting that you went wrestling in January (chuckle) I didn't mean to suggest that. What I'm, the point I'm getting to is you don't have any idea when this happened do you? That you're talking about?

FOGLEMAN: Ok. I don't have any further questions.

STIDHAM: Nothing further.