RIDGE: This is Det. Bryn Ridge at the Mid Continent Building on the fourth floor at the office of Arkansas Home Health. Present in the interview is Lenora Beason. Todays date is 02/17/94, the time is 9:49AM. Lenora, uh whatís the address to where you live?

LENORA: 2706 S. Grove, West Memphis

RIDGE: And, how long have you lived there?

LENORA: About three months

RIDGE: Okay, do you know what month you moved in?

LENORA: The early part of, about the last part of November, going into December.

RIDGE: And, do you know when you moved into the trailer, did you know who lived there before you?

LENORA: No, not at first

RIDGE: Okay, and has things progessed, you found out who lived there?

LENORA: Yeah, through some mail that kept coming to my house and I just packed them up and took them back to the post office.

RIDGE: Okay, and whose mail was coming there?

LENORA: Damien Echols and Hutchinson, and some more people, but they were the main two people that I recognized.

RIDGE: Alright, uh when you moved in, was there any furniture or anything left in the trailer?



LENORA: Well, there was a bed there, but we uh, thatís outside now.

RIDGE: Is that a water bed that I saw the frame to that was outside?


RIDGE: Uh, were the closets free of any clothing


RIDGE: Okay, that type of stuff was cleaned out of it?


RIDGE: Uh, I understand that you had lived there for a while and you had made a discovery


RIDGE: Tell me how that came about, what happened?

LENORA: I was looking for a, I was fixing to go some where and I was looking for my other shoe, and I moved further over to move a box back and as I bent, I kinda did like that and I looked back, and I saw a stick in a corner like, so

RIDGE: Youíre talking about in a closet?

LENORA: Yeah, in my bedroom closet.

RIDGE: Okay, now which bedroom is that?

LENORA: The far bedroom on the end

RIDGE: Would that be the south bedroom?

LENORA: I donít know my directions

RIDGE: Okay, uh

LENORA: Iím facing east so, it would be south, yeah

RIDGE: Okay, the bedroom thatís the closest to the projects?


RIDGE: Okay, alright, Iím clear that that is the south bedroom. Uh, about how long had you lived there before you found the stick?

LENORA: I just found it last month in January, Iíve been there since, over a month.

RIDGE: Okay, and when you found it, did you do anything with it immediately?

LENORA: No, I just put it back in the closet and didnít worry about it.

RIDGE: Didnít think of anything about it?


RIDGE: Okay, and you said something about your husband came in with a conversation about something that he had seen on TV?

LENORA: Yeah, he was telling me he remembered seeing some sticks like that, big huge sticks and he had already told me about the stick that he had seen on TV before, but that was after, I had found the stick after he had told me about the stick he saw on TV.

RIDG: Okay, and when he told you about those sticks, did you tell him about the stick that you had found at that time?

LENORA: Yeah, I said well, donít you remember telling me about some sticks you had found, he said, yeah, and I said, look what I just found. He said, put it back, I donít know. We just thought it was something just propping up the wall or something, that was just in there.

RIDGE: Describe the stick for me

LENORA: It looked like a, itís kinda, itís painted red, and it looked like some of the paint had shedded off or something and itís a, to me it looks like a piece of a tree limb, cause itís got a lot of humps and stuff, where it had been painted.

RIDGE: Okay, now youíre describing with your hand, three inches in diameter maybe?

LENORA: Probably so, maybe four inches, itís real long, itís kinda long, some like a baseball bat.

RIDGE: Okay, thatís a good description.

LENORA: Itís big, the end of it, the end of a baseball bat, you know

RIDGE: Got-cha, okay now when you put this stick back, whatís the next time that this stick came up in a conversation?

LENORA: Yesterday, when the reportes came to my house. They wanted to talk to the man, the father that use to stay there, but he doesnít live there anymore.

RIDGE: Okay, and what was talked about and how did you come to this conversation about a stick?

LENORA: Well, he asked me was anything unusual or anything like that and I told him no, or had I found anything that was, and I said, naw, not really, I found a stick, but. He said, a stick, and I said, yeah, and so, he asked me where it was and I told him where it was and I took him back to my closet and he asked where it was and I showed him, and he looked and found the little red stuff on the top, and he told me to call the police and I said, oh well, I donít want to involve with this stuff, so thatís what come next.

RIDGE: So, you did call the police


RIDGE: And, he took pictures of this stick? Is that what I understood you to tell me?


RIDGE: This reporter, did you get his name?

LENORA: His card is at the house, but heís from the Commercial Appeal.

RIDGE: Okay, and when you called the police, an officer showed up


RIDGE: Describe this officer for me.

LENORA: I hope he doesnít hear this, he was nice looking, tall, light skin, with a short hair cut

RIDGE: Now, you said, light skin, you mean a white man?

LENORA: Naw, this was a black man.

RIDGE: Do you know what kind of vehicle he was in?

LENORA: A Dynasty, tinted windows, dark blue

RIDGE: Could it have been a Cadillac?

LENORA: I guess, I donít

RIDGE: It was a big nice car?

LENORA: It was a sharp car

RIDGE: Alright, when you gave him the stick, did you know of anybody else that had handled or seen this stick, since you found it in the closet?

LENORA: My husband touched and myself, and the reporter took some measurements and stuff of it

RIDGE: Alright, he took some measurements, did he ever have that stick when you werenít present? You were there the whole time

LENORA: Yeah, he touched it

RIDGE: Well, thatís what I mean, but you were right there when he was examining the stick?

LENORA: Yeah, yeah

RIDGE: He never went anywhere with the stick


RIDGE: Or, he never took the stick out of your sight, it was always there?

LENORA: It was always in my sight.

RIDGE: Okay, and when he found this, what looked something that was on the end of the stick, he told you that you needed to call the police.

LENORA: Well, I spotted it first, and then he the little reddish stuff that was on it, and he said that it looked like some bloody hair and stuff, so he said that it might be some evidence, that we might need to call the police, like that.

RIDGE: Okay, and thatís what you did?


RIDGE: Okay, uh now Iíve shown you two pictures I have here, one is the back bedroom, whichh is that south bedroom, and itís a picture of the closet from the outside, do you recognize that picture?


RIDGE: Okay, I am going to put an ďAĒ on the front of that picture, and itís just showing that thatís the first picture that we are referring too, and on that picture, the area where you saw the stick, uh the way you described it to me, itís on the right side of that picture behind this panel


RIDGE: Okay, the picture that I am going to put a ďBĒ on the front, thatís a picture from an inside angle of your closet, and right in the center is like a cavity or open area behind that panel, is that correct?


RIDGE: Okay, is that the area where you found the stick?

LENORA: Yes it is

RIDGE: Okay, alright is there anything else that you can think of, anything occurring since you have moved into the trailer park, that we may need to know about?


RIDGE: Okay, alright, you are aware that I am taping this interview?

LENORA: Yes, I am

RIDGE: Iím going to conclude this interview, the time is 9:58AM