Investigative Report
Triple Homicide
CF 93-05 0666

On 5-12-93, I went to the wooded area behind the Blue Beacon where the bodies were
found in the above noted case. The time was about 8:30 to 8:45 PM and it was an
overcast night. The purpose for being at the location was for the administering of a
chemical known to me as Luminol. The procedure is to spray the area with this chemical
and the presence of blood would cause a chemical reaction in which the area would
illuminate where blood was found. Present at the time that I was there at the crime scene
were, Det. Sgt. Mike Allen, Det. T. Anderson, Det. Cpt. Miller, Det. Lt. J. Sudbury,
Crime Lab Specialist D. Smith, and Crime Lad Specialist K. Channel.

In describing the area where blood was found I will use the landmarks previously noted
in other reports and the locations that the victimís bodies were found since I was actually
involved in the hands on removal of those bodies.

The first area of blood is an area north and east of Body #1. The area is a slow sloping
area on the bank between a large tree that is a hollowed out area underneath. A root is
exposed that it appears a rope could have been tied around. just below the root in the
soft bank two plaster cast footprints were made and sent to the crime lab.

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The second area of blood was found in the slowly sloping area just to the east of Body
#1 on the bank. This is a portion of the bank that looks to have a slope of about 1 foot to
a 3 foot distance. East of the blood about 5 feet begins a steep slope and west of the
blood is the creek and body #1. Mr. Smith explained that a significant amount of blood
was located here and it appeared that one or more of the victims apparently lost a lot of
blood in that area.

The third area is east of Body #1 and just to the south. The area again is a slowly sloping
area with a slope of 1 foot in 2 1/2 foot. Just east of this area is another steep slope
where foot prints were located that went up to a point in the steep slope. The also was
an area where it appeared to be a significant amount of blood where one or more of the
victims may have bled a large amount.

The first three areas appeared to be about 4 1/2 to 5 feet above the bottom of the Ditch
and at the time the bodies were located were exposed above the water line by over two

The Fourth area is in the ditch just above to the north of Body #2. This area seemed to
have a large amount of blood that appeared to be where the bodys bled out while in the
water. This area would have been under water when the bodies were discovered.

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Area #5 is the area of sloping bank just west of bodies #2 and #3. This area is a sloping
area of about 1 ft to a 1 3/4” slope with a steeper slope to the west and a clump of three
trees to the north. South of the slope is a steep slope that goes into a gully type ditch
that feeds the same creek. This gully was dry at the time the bodies were found and leads
off in an westerly direction away from the creek.

Area #6 is the steep bank to the west of Body #1. This area is an almost perpendicular
bank that would be about 12-15 feet above and just west of Body #1. This blood may
have been the result of the perpetrator standing in the area with an amount of blood on
him or one of the bodies may have been placed there prior to being placed in the water.
Area #6 is a trial that runs in a South easterly direction from the crime scene. The area is
a hill that climbes to the top of a tall peak just about 25 feet from the area. It appeared
that Blood was found along the trail. It appeared that the blood may have been the result
of blood transfer from the crime scene either on the feet or clothing of someone leaving
the area.

[signed] Det. B. Ridge