Interview Melissa Byers 5-25-93 9:00a.m. Hester & Allen

Have lived there at present address - this will the 5th summer. Moores moved in right after. Dana and Melissa got to be friends immediately. Used to have backyard Bar B-Q. - always invited the Moores. Both Todd and Dana would get very drunk.
Approximately 3 months ago Melissa found muddy shoes, socks & blue jeans hidden under a bed. She asked Chris if he had been to Robin Hood he said that he had not - Melissa believes he was lying. Also for the last 3 months Chris had disappeared on a few occasions for a couple of hours - when asked where he had been Chris would say playing with George - does not know if Michael was with him these times or not.
Chris was born Christopher Lee Murray - when he was adopted by Mark approx. 2 or 3 yrs ago his name was changed to Christopher Mark Byers.
Was never aware of Michael or Christopher playing "nasty." If Ryan caught them doing anything he never told her.
Either at the first of this school year or last year Chris had set a couple of fires (small fires) Melissa became concerned that may be he had been molested - she went to the school and talked to the guidance councilor. She also sat Chris down and asked him point blank if anyone had ever touched him. Had explained to him that no one touch him


were his bathing suit was. Chris told her that he knew that and that no one had ever touched him.
Believes that Chris could have been persuaded to go with a stranger - believes that if he was nice or offered him something - Chris was very trusting - and would talk to anyone. Believes Michael could be persuaded also.
Thinks whoever did this - the boys knew - at least one or all of the boys.
Dusty & Dan Hatchett - believes they are gay - own Southland Pawn Shop - Dusty collects knifes. Dan says that Dusty is his nephew.
Next door neighbor - moved out about 3 months ago - the guy that used to live there was very strange.
Dan & Dusty both knew Chris. Has seen Dan & Dusty drive by the house and has seen Chris talking to them. Dan had a fake badge - was known to show it and tell people that he was a police officer - said that he was arrested twice for Impersonating a Police Officer. Dusty was big time into karate - Took from a girl named Chatter - teaches at Judy's World of Dance. Also delivers flowes for West Memphis Flower Shop.
Chris came home one day this school year with a package of Dinosaur eggs - said that the janitor gave them to him.

CASE NUMBER # 93-05-0666 DATE: 05/25/93

Talked with: Melissa Byers

People she might suspect:

(George?) Christopher - In the last 3 months, about 3 months ago Christopher would be gone for like 2 hours & we would be worried about him, and he would come home & his shoes & socks would be muddy. Melissa Byers stated she felt like he had been to RobinHood area, when she (M.B.) would ask Chris where he had been he said he had been playing with George. (M.B.- said she never found out who George was. Chris never would say he was at robinHood.

Dan Hatchett - Dusty - Southland Pawnshop - they have Drove by the house before. Disagreement with Mark Byers & Dan Hatchett at Pawnshop - thinks Dan & Dusty are Homosexual. has Badge (Police or sheriff) Arrested (Note: Dan is written above the word arrested) for Impersonating a Police officer. Dusty has a knife collection & is into Karate.

[signed] M. Allen/investigator


(T.J.) a Boy who was about 14 y.o.a. a couple years ago, may be 16 or 17 Now he lived on Wilson Chris & Ryan use to go to his house on Wilson (M.B. thought he was a faggot) He live in Memphis, tn. now.

(Jimmy Sellers) w/m Lives in 1900 block of Goodwin. Last December came by for Estimate on Fire Damage.

(church Bus Driver) Dawn & Michael Moore were picked up by church bus might check bus driver (unknown church)