October 24, 94

Mr. Brent Davis,
I am forwarding this letter to your office simply because you were the only prosecuting attorney that I was able to get the address of. After reading this, I hope you will bring it to the attention of the appropiate persons.
I may have some useful information for the prosecution in the upcoming appeal of Jessie Misskelley. Who, as you may know is one of three defendants accused of murdering the three young boys in West Memphis.
I have known Misskelley since June 9th, 1994. We are currently housed together in the A.D.C. Diagnostic Unit, Special Programs Unit.
At several different occasions, Misskelley and I have talked extensively about many facts of the case. Among them, Misskelley told me that they, the defendants, cut the testicales of one of the children off. That Jason Baldwin, one of the defendants, had sex with one of the children after he had been killed. And that Damien Echols, one of the defendants, said a prayer before they threw the boys in a ditch.
Misskelley, also told me that they, the defendants, left a night gown at the scene so that it would look like women had committed the crime. He says now that he is trying to blame the parents of one of the children.
Misskelley also told me that his confession is the only evidence that the prosecution has. And that he and his attorney are trying to have that dismissed.
I once asked Misskelley what were the names of the three boys. He laughed for some time, and then said he could only remember one of them.
Mr. Davis, please do everything in your power to keep Misskelley behind bars for the rest of his life. He is a very cold, morbid person.
I thank you for your time
Michael Johnson