STATEMENT OF Narlene Hollingsworth
203 Sycamore, Lakeshore
Date: 5-10-93


DABBS: This is Det. Dabbs and Lt. Diane Hester. This is Monday, 05/10/93, 4:20. We are talking to Narlene Hollingsworth at 203 Sycamore, telephone number, 735-0827 in reference to information she is giving us on what she saw on a Damian subject and a L. G. Hollingsworth.

HESTER: Narlene, just start with Monday, last Wednesday, when you said that you had picked up L. G., just start from when you picked him up and go from there.

NARLENE: Okay, L.G., I was suppose to have picked L. G. Hollingsworth up at home

HESTER: Which is

NARLENE: Wednesday morning

HESTER: And thatís

NARLENE: He come to my house about 9:00 and we left from there looking for him

HESTER: That in the morning?

NARLENE: Right, so then we found the job and we went back home, and he said that he had to be home by 4:30, so he kept on around my home saying that he wanted to go home, so I said, okay. So, it was between 20 after 5, yeah it was 20 after 4 and we left my house. I took him straight to McAuley where he live.

HESTER: Alright we just drove by that address it was 714 McAuley Circle, is that correct?

NARLENE: 714 McAuley Circle, okay then I left him. And the street I took lead me straight down to Weaver School,

DABBS: And that was on McAuley Cirlce back to Holiday Drive?


DABBS: Then back south on Wilson, to E. Barton


DABBS: Which you took a right and you went back west on Barton.


NARLENE: Right, and thatís when I seen the three little boys on the bicycles.

HESTER: Alright, describe these boys that you saw.

DABBS: Where were they at when you saw them?

NARLENE: Okay, they were just before you get to Weaver School. And, then they were going so fast on that bicycle, and then one of them come out in front of me and I honked at him and told him that he needed to get out of the street. You know, before he get run over.

HESTER: Describe these boys that you saw.

NARLENE: Okay, there was two smaller boys and a little heavy set boy, a little heavier than the rest of them. And the little heavy set one had little bit darker hair than the rest of them. If I am not mistaken, the little heavy set boy had on a pair of green shorts with some black in it, with black and white tennis shoes on. But, I think they all three were wearing shorts, but I am not really sure about the other two, because I go a good look at the little dark headed boy. Thatís the one that I can really describe better than the rest.

HESTER: Okay, were they all three on bikes?

NARLENE: They were all three on bicycles, yes they were. And nice bicycles.

HESTER: What did the bicycles look like?

NARLENE: Well, one had look like some black in it, and I believe one of them had some light green in it, if Iím not mistaken. But, all three of those boys were together, two in front and one in the back. And they were flying on them bicycles. And, I told them little boys you ought to go home and that little boy said, no we are going to play for a little while. So, they were headed, what is the street

HESTER: This is Barton

NARLENE: Down Barton, they were headed away from their homes and cause I know that the live back the other way, because Sheila, the lady that live in the apartments


told me that they did live back the other way, when spoke to her. So, they were going away from their homes. I never saw them little boys again, but Idid see uhh something later on Wednesday night.

HESTER: Okay, did you go home?

NARLENE: Did I go straight home?

HESTER: After this?

NARLENE: Yes, I did, I went straight to my house and cooked a do what I always do when, okay, what happened was Dixie Hollingsworth had asked me to pick her up at where she works at a laundry mat, she said, will you pick me up, I get off at 10, I said, yes I will.

HESTER: Alright, where is the laundry mat?

NARLENE: That laundry mat is right there on Ingram. Okay

DABBS: Is that the one next to the Flash Market?

NARLENE: Yes it is, itís right there.


NARLENE: Okay, I got ready to go, and my husband went with me and my children were too. And, on our way, coming do[wn] like youíre going to Loveís, I saw Dominic and Damia[n] coming down the street.

DABBS: What time was this?

NARLENE: This was exactly 20minutes til 10, exactly, cause w[e] had our watches and we knew what time it was. Okay they had dark clothing on and they were not cleaned.

DABBS: You said at one time that they were muddy all over.

NARLENE: They did have dirt on them, yes they did, now

HESTER: Now, which way were they walking?

NARLENE: They was coming back towards Lakeshore, this way.

DABBS: Okay, they were headed back uh, west, as you were goi[ng]


east on the Service Road (South)


DABBS: They were walking back west and you said that they were by a yellow marker?

NARLENE: They were, it was a yellow uh, sign thing up in, so[me] stick standing up and then they were just before th[ey] [or that] got to there, where they was.

DABBS[IMAGE STATES DABBS BUT SHOULD BE NARLENE]: Okay, as we were driving by, she pointed the stick [over] [or out] to us, and itís right there on the off ramp, where [?] Street as you go east down the interstate, the off ramp off to the South Service Road, is where the yellow stick or marker was.

HESTER: And they would have been on the south side.

DABBS: And they were on the south side of the South Service Road headed west, against the traffic, okay.

NARLENE: Okay, from then I donít know.

DABBS: Who all was with you when you saw these

NARLENE: Tabitha Hollingsworth, Ricky Hollingsworth, and uh, I believe Mary Hollingsworth and Little Ricky Hollingsworth was in the car too. I think all of us was in that car together that night.

HESTER: Are these all your children?

NARLENE: They sure is, my whole family.

DABBS: Your husband and your children?




DABBS: Didnít you say that you also uh, saw, had your, were you driving?

NARLENE: Uh, yeah

DABBS: And you said that you turned your bright lights on wh[en]


you saw them, so that you could definitely see them?

NARLENE: So, that I could get a good look at them, to see who they were, yes I did. And I said, thatís Dominic and Damian, no donít look like, it is and I got a good close look and said, it sure is.

HESTER: Alright, these people are known to you, is that corre[ct]


HESTER: These people are known to you, Dominic and Damian?

NARLENE: Yes, I see them all the time

HESTER: How long have you known them?

NARLENE: Well, I donít really know Damian, cause I donít go around him from all the bad things that I hear about him, but therefore, I donít let my children go around him and Dominic, Iíve known her all of her life. Cause I use to hold her on my hip when she was six months old baby.

DABBS: You did advise that she lives behind trailer there?

NARLENE: Yes, she does

DABBS: At his time?

NARLENE: She lives in my sisterís trailer, Pamela Hollingsworth

DABBS: Okay, what did you do then, right after you saw them?

NARLENE: Well, I was upset about it, for them being out that late and around that area, but you know I was wondering what theywere doing out at that time of the night. My husband told me to quit worrying about it, cause they are out all the time. He said that he sees them all the time. So, he told me to quit worrying about it. So, then when I talked to Dixie Hollingsworth, I got to the laundry mat, she said that L. G. Hollingsworth had just left from there in some car. And, I said uh, thatís funny, she said that it i[s] and she never did say why, and I thought it was funny, but I thought that he had just left from there and they were coming down the street. So, then when I talked to Dixie about it, I told Dixie what I had seen and she


said, yeah that is kinda odd. I said, yeah it is, I said Dixie, those little children and later on they found out that they were dead, I said Dixie thatís kinda odd for them to be out that time of night and those little kids were dead, donít you think, she said yes I do, yes I do. I said, let me ask you something, I said since you know Damian better than me, do you think that heís capable of anything like that and she said, yes, I do. She said because heís in with the devil.

HESTER: Okay, so the next day, what time the next day did you find out

NARLENE: It was late, well, when I combe back over in this area, again Thursday, because I promise L. G. that I would take him to work, cause he didnít have no way but me, okay, when I come back down the street, I seen a white car that belonged to a policeman or an undercover car, you know and they were two others out there too, and there was a crowd of people gathered around and I said, thatís unusual

HESTER: Youíre talking about right here on the corner.

NARLENE: Right down here

HESTER: The cornerof Barton and 14th

NARLENE: I said, that something bad has happened, I just know it And uh, L. G. was in the car

HESTER: About what time a day was this?

NARLENE: Uh, letís see, it was uh, well, he had to be at work about 10:00 oíclock

HESTER: 10:00 oíclock in the morning?



NARLENE: Cause they were all gathered up there and I didnít know what was going on, so I went on down there and L. G. was saying, get me on to work. So, anyway I went on and got him on to work, so then later on that day, he got off early


HESTER: What time?

NARLENE: I donít know. I know he come to my house about 2:40 or a quarter to three and I thought that he would be working a little later than that on Wednesday, but anyway my kids started hollering about those kids, you know, uh

HESTER: So, this was after school sometime?

NARLENE: Yeah, yeah it was definitely after school, cause my kids had already made it home.

HESTER: Alright

NARLENE: Okay, and the kids said, that later on that night, he came over there in a yellow car with some boxes in them, now what was in the boxes I donít know. The kids said that the box was about this big and some thing like this and they didnít know what was in the box, but he said, donít look at it, donít touch it, donít step on it or Iíll hurt you.

HESTER: Okay, so she showed

DABBS: Whatís his name?

HESTER: She showed about the size of a shoe box, the width of a shoe box.

NARLENE: No, I think that itís a little wider than a shoe box.

HESTER: Okay, wider than a shoe box, okay. And the kids were in the car with L. G.?

NARLENE: No, they were out there around the car

DABBS: Damian them

HESTER: Okay, and what did your children tell you about the box?


HESTER: Okay, anything else

NARLENE: Well, I talked to my sister in law after that and she went over to their house to L. G.ís house and she said that they were whispering and shaking their heads, I said, Debra, I got a funny feeling about that


field and she said , I do too.

HESTER: When was this that she was over there?

NARLENE: I donít know, I think it was last night, she said that they were there whispering around and acting all funny.

HESTER: Alright, when she said they, who does she mean?

NARLENE: She meant the mommy, the daddy and the son, she said I donít know whatís going on over there and she said, they are making me nervous, sheís a christian girl, she said and I got out of there, I said yeah, I get bad feelings around them too. And, Iíll tell you something, I would take up for my kids when Iíve known that they have done something, cause ainít no telling what they would do. I donít know what L. G. is capable of, and I am not saying that he would do it, and I am not sayingthat he wouldnít, but I know Damian. Everybody said that Damian, I know that heís suppose to have 666 on his shoes.

HESTER: And your husband and your children saw him and Dominic both

NARLENE: Yes, aint no way they missed that.

HESTER: And, where is your husband now?

NARLENE: Heís at Davisí Tire Shop

HESTER: Davisí Tire Shop

DABBS: And thatís in Memphis?


HESTER: Whatís the phone number?

NARLENE: 366-1134

HESTER: And whatís his name?

NARLENE: Ricky Hollingsworth, and he sure is scary, heís scared somebody is going to kill him.

DABBS: What are his working hours?


NARLENE: Uh, from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening, cause he gets home around 7, he gets off at 6 oíclock.


HESTER: Is there anything else?

DABBS: Is there anything else you need to tell us while we are writing all of this?

NARLENE: Well, only one thing, the day I run into L. G. the day at the police department, he begged me to go in there and sit down with his mother and I said, I canít do that. He said that I wasnít ainít no laundry mat Wednesday night, I said, yes you was, he said, no I wasnít, go and there and tell them that I wasnít, I said, no I wonít, I said, cause you was up there at that laundry mat, he said, naw I wasnít, I said, yes you was, cause Ricky Hollingsworth said that I had just missed you. I said, you better stop lying or they are going to get you for murdering these children, and they are going to want toknohy[to know why] you lie, heís said, alright, I was there, I said, I know you was. And I donít know why

DABBS: And that was Thursday

NARLENE: And that was today

DABBS: Today

NARLENE: I went there to pay my husbandís fine of $25.00 that he got in trouble, and he got a DUI, I think

DABBS: But, that was today

NARLENE: Today I went down there to pay on his fine, L. G. come running out of the building where the police department, he said you go in there and tell them that you are mommy and I said, no, I wonít. I said where is your mother and he said, I donít know but she wonít come uphere with me, I said, well, I said, they will ask you some questions and you answer them, I said, they will let you go. And then if you start telling a bunch of lies and they catch you in them, he said, well uh, I wasnít over there in that area that day, I said, yes you was L. G, and then he said, I was, I said, I know you was.


NARLENE: He said, if you start saying that about Damian, youíre going to get in trouble, I said, well, the mommy is up there saying stating that he was, Damian was with her all the time. I said, well the mommy is a liar ainít she. He said, you seen him coming down the street, I said, yes L. G. and I am not lying for him. I am not scared of that boy. He said, well donít you put yourself in that kind of trouble well, Iím going to take care of L. G.

DABBS: Okay, alright is there anything else that you know that we may need?

NARLENE: The thing that is bothering me is them coming down the street with that box, they claim L. G. had and they didnít want to open it,

DABBS: But you said smelled horrible?

NARLENE: The kid did, the

DABBS: And what day was that on?

NARLENE: It was real late Thursday, it was late cause it was after the school kids had already got out of school.


NARLENE: And he had to be in court Friday, cause he had to get rid of that car to get it back to the person that owned it, finally the person walked into the court room and he said, Iím getting my car,

DABBS: What did he look like?

NARLENE: He was short, heavy and dark hair

DABBS: He was short


DABBS: About what age was he?

NARLENE: Oh, he may have been around 45 or 50 years old.

DABBS: 45 or 50



DABBS: Okay, alright

NARLENE: I donít anything else

DABBS: It is 4:36 and we are stopping the tape at this time.

This statement was completed at 4:36 pm on the 10 day of May 1993.

Witness: [signed] C. Dabbs
[signed]: Narlene Hollingsworth