STATEMENT OF: Nina Smith DATE: 7-12-93 PAGE: 1 of 1
[address omitted
DOB: [omitted]/77

I Nina Smith [address omitted] [SSN omitted]. When I came in from school Tim Dodson was at home then me and my little sister went outside and a neighbor went into labor, earlier that day and the girl that took her to the Med came to our house around 5:00 or 5:30 to get us to watch her little kids while she went back to her in the labor room. And we didn’t come back to West Memphis around 8:00 and we was going home and Mommy and Tim saw us so we pulled over and then we went home. And Tim ran the car to his mom’s house and his dad brought him home around 9:00.

I have written this statement consisting of 1 page[s], and I affirm to the truth and accuracy of the facts contained therein.

This statement was completed at 9:30 AM., on the 12 day of July 1993

WITNESS: S/CSBurch S/Nina Smith