Q: State your name, sir.

A. Ricky Deese.

Q: Okay. What's your occupation?

A: I was a roofer when Jessie worked with me. I work at West Memphis Fence now.

Q: You work at where now?

A: West Memphis Fence.

Q: West Memphis Fence, okay.

A: Yes, sir.

Q: On May the 5th what was your occupation?

A: Roofing.

Q: Okay. Were you self-employed or?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: Okay. How old are you?

A: Twenty-eight.

Q: How long have you known Jessie Misskelley?

A. Since he was a little baby.

Q: Okay. You friends with Jessie?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: Okay. Did, uh, the week -- do you remember what day May 5th was on?

A: Wednesday.

Q: Okay. That week did Jessie Misskelley do any roofing with you that week?

A: He worked with me Tuesday and half a day Wednesday.

Q: Okay. Wednesday morning, how did Mr. Misskelley get to the roofing job?

A: I went by and got him. He was at Little's Trailer Park --

Q: Okay. Who, who's --

A: With Josh, Josh Darby and Little Jessie.

Q: Okay. So, Mr. Misskelley was where that morning?

A: Uh, Little's Trailer Park.

Q: Okay. Where is that?

A: End of Avalon.

Q: Where?

A: End of Avalon.

Q: Okay. That's a different trailer park than --

A: Yeah, where I live at.

Q: Okay. Alright. You picked up Mr. Misskelley and who else?

A: Josh Darby.

Q: Okay. And do you know what time you picked them up?

A: About nine.

Q: Okay. Where did y'all go?

A: On Woodlawn in West Memphis over on Ingram.

Q: What were you doing?

A: Roofing.

Q: Okay. How long did you use Jessie that day?

A: I used him all day Tuesday.

Q: Okay. What about Wednesday?

A: Half a day. I dropped him off about one o'clock.

Q: Okay. Where'd you drop him off at?

A: His daddy's --

Q: Okay.

A: -- out at the trailer park.

Q: Who else did you drop off?

A: Josh.

Q: Okay. Did you try to come back later?

A: Yeah, I come back about 1:30. I told them that day that I probably wouldn't need them after lunch.

Q: Said you probably wouldn't?

A: Wouldn't need 'em no more after lunch.

Q: Okay, alright.

A: I mean, I dropped by to get them to help me clean up, but they was gone. His daddy said he was gone to Stephanie Dollar's house.

Q: Okay. You ever known Jessie Misskelley to be involved in any kind of cult?

A: No, I had no...

Q: Do you ever know about any cult activity in that area?

A: No.

Q: Okay. Do you know if the house Josh was spending the night -- Josh and Jessie were at on the night of May 4th to the morning of May 5th -- do you know if that house had a phone?

A: Ah, it didn't.

Q: It didn't?

A: It was his momma's house, they didn't have one.

Q: You're sure --

A: They had a phone on, by the store over there, a pay phone.

Q: A phone by the store?

A: A pay phone. A pay phone.

Q: A pay phone, okay.

A: That's the only phone they used, because they didn't have one.

Q: Thank you. Pass the witness.


Q: It's my understanding you dropped Jessie back off at the trailer park at 12:30 or so on the 5th?

A: 12:30 or 1:00.

Q: Okay.

A: 12:30 or 1:00.

Q: Then you went back around 1:30 and he wasn't --

A: Yeah.

Q: -- there or you couldn't locate him?

A: I didn't look for him. I told him I probably didn't need him. If he was there, I was going to get him.

Q: But as far as --

A: His daddy told me he was at Stephanie's.

Q: As far as what he did from 12:30 or 1:00 on the afternoon of May 5th until sometime the next day you don't have any what he --

A: No, I didn't see him after that.

Q: When was the next time you saw him after that?

A: I seen him Thursday evening. He come down and he was playing ball down there by my house.

Q: Okay. So, from 12:30 on Wednesday until Thursday afternoon after work, you don't know what he did?

A: I don't know, I didn't see him since.

Q: And you know that he was at Little's Trailer Park at nine o'clock in the morning when you picked him up on the 5th. Is that right?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: And you don't know when he got there?

A: No, sir.

DAVIS: Okay. No further questions.

STIDHAM: Nothing further, your Honor.

THE COURT: Alright. You may stand down, you're free to go.