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Interview with Shawn Ryan Clark

Asked Shawn (Ryan) Clark about known friends of Brother Chris. he stated Clint Garner who lives on McCauley Circle (Ryan stated) - Clint was going to go with them that Wed but he had a baseball game. A guy named Aarron was a good friend but he moved to Skyline View in Marion about a month ago he did live on Barton. He also Played with a kid named Scooter he is black. North from Barton before Goodwin, also Cortez. Black kid lives on 14th Street between Barton and (unreadable). Also he played with some black kids next door & Carlos.

When asked if he knew anyone who Dealed(?unreadable) in Comic Books, he appeared to know who the guy was he said he's in his 30's & he lives on Goodwin, then he said he didn't know the guy but had heard about him From Chad Bell & Carlos. (Ryan) called Chad Bell's house & talked to someone, then Ryan

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stated his name was Reno. (Ryan) stated that he had heard the Guy had gotten into a lot of Fights, but that Chad Bell & Carlos said he was a real Nice Guy.

asked Ryan about Chris & Robin Hood:

Ryan stated Chris was affraid to go accross the Pipe. Ryan stated that about a month ago that him & Chris went fishing near the Pipe & Chris wouldn't Go accross the Pipe at the Bayou Ditch. Chris always Played on the South Side of the Bayou Ditch, never on the Blue Beacon side.

Ryan talked about a week before Chris was killed that Chad Bell & Chris Husband(?) talked about a Guy in a white van that chased them in the white van. Said it was a white Guy

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with a beard (short beard) Panel type (work van)

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Ryan stated Steven Branch was the Fastest & strongest of the three. Chris & Michael are on medicine.