Ryan Clark
Hester & Kesterson

States he got home at exactly 3:38pm. --Chris was not @ home. Ryan had to be in court @ 4:00pm. --his dad took him. Dad dropped him off @ court & told Ryan he was going to go pick his mom up from work and go look for Chris.
Dad picked him up from court around 5:30 - 6:00pm Closer to 6:00pm. Dad told him that Chris had broken a seal on the window to get into the house --told him that Chris would be grounded for a week and that he had left Chris @ the house with his mom.
When they got home they were suppose to go to Shoney's to eat. Mom was on the phone long distance. Said she had heard Chris go upstairs --Ryan went upstairs to look for him. --went outside and checked down 14th --Wilson --States he, his mom, & dad went up to Big Star -- told a police officer that Chris was missing --told them to call the station to report it. Next door neighbor said she saw Chris on a skateboard and Steve Branch and Michael Moore came up on their bikes--left skateboard in the street and got on the bike with Steve. States that he had not seen Chris with Steve before.
Ryan found a skateboard about 6 houses from his on the side of the street.
States that he went to the woods --with Brett Smith. E. Q. H. S. at about 9:00 pm. Richiy Masters and Robbie were with them. Went in from the Goodwin dead end -- went @ the end to the bayou by the swing. Heard what sounded like 5 real loud splashes in the water.
States that he heard the grass and brush crackling.
After the first two splashes Ryan yelled--hello--is anyone over there. After the 3rd splash Britt and Ryan got scared and ran back to the dead end. States that he & Britt ran down W.E. Catt until they got to the dead end of McCauley. Ran to the end towards the pipe--found Richey and Robbie and told them what they had heard. When they got to the pipe they heard a gunshot.
Richey & Robbie went across the pipe to check things out. They were gone about 10 minutes. They came back. all 4 boys crossed the pipe and started looking in the woods. Walked down into the chute and crossed on a tree toward the open field. Thinks that they were in the woods on the north side of the pipe for about 30 minutes--saw the brown jacket but knew it had been there for some time. When they came back out Britt's mother was waiting on them. They went back to Ryan's house to see if Chris had came home. They left again and just drove around and looked in a couple of empty houses. Came home at midnight & his dad made him go to bed. Knows of atleast 13 people were out searching.