RIDGE: This is Det. Bryn Ridge of the West Memphis Police Department, todays date is 02/17/94, the time is now 9:12AM. Currently at 2706 S. Grove with Sammy Beason. Sammy, basically, Iím working on this case, the triple homicide where the three boys were killed in West Memphis, and you said, that you have been living at this address for how long now?

BEASON: About, a little over two months

RIDGE: A little over two months, when did you in?

BEASON: In December

RIDGE: Okay, was it before or after Christmas?

BEASON: Before Christmas

RIDGE: Before Christmas, okay. Now, when you moved in, was everything out of the trailer?

BEASON: Yes, everything was out, except for the refrigerator and stuff like that.

RIDGE: Okay, had it been cleaned up?

BEASON: Yes, well we had to do some sweeping, but everything was mostly cleaned.

RIDGE: Okay, what Iím saying is, no furniture no clothing was left in the closets that you were aware of?


RIDGE: Okay, and alright, you had been living here for about a month, and your wife told you that she discovered something,


RIDGE: Okay, what was it that she found?

BEASON: It was a stick in the closet.

RIDGE: Okay, which closet is that?

BEASON: In the rear bedroom

RIDGE: thatís the south end of the trailer?


RIDGE: Okay, and is that the bedroom that you normally stay in yourself?


RIDGE: Okay, so it had been in that closet for a month, unseen and undiscovered, is that what youíre saying?


RIDGE: And then your wife found it?


RIDGE: And she told you about it?


RIDGE: Okay, uh, did you know who lived at this address before yopu moved in?

BEASON: No, I didnít

RIDGE: Okay, you said something about, you discovered who had lived here after you had been here for a while?


RIDGE: How did you discover that?

BEASON: By the mail that was coming to our address

RIDGE: Okay, and who was that person that the mail was coming too?

BEASON: Uh, Echols and Hutchinson

RIDGE: Echols and Hutchinson, okay. Uh, you were aware of this triple homicide


RIDGE: Okay, I guess everybody in West Memphis was talking about it, okay, did you relate those names in the mailbox with being associated with that homicide?

BEASON: Yes sir

RIDGE: Okay, and did you find out for sure, that thatís the people that the mail was coming too, or one of the people that was arrested on that homicide?

BEASON: Naw, I never did find out fur sure, just

RIDGE: Did you talk to any of the neighbors about it?

BEASON: No sir

RIDGE: Okay, alright, do you know where that stick is now?

BEASON: Well, the detective got it yesterday

RIDGE: Okay, do you know that detective that picked it up?

BEASON: No sir, I forgot his name

RIDGE: Can you describe him for me

BEASON: Heís a tall black male, look like he should be in his 30s or early 40s

RIDGE: Okay, and he told you that he was with the West Memphis Police Department?

BEASON: Yes sir

RIDGE: Okay, I should tell you that officer is George Blair, do you recognize that as being the person that you gave it too?

BEASON: George Blair?


BEASON: Probably, cause he talked to my wife, thatís the reason Iím really not familiar with his name.

RIDGE: You didnít actually talk to him, he talked with your wife?


RIDGE: Okay, alright I am going to, also, when we got here this morning you did sign a consent to search, which allows us to search your trailer, basically we are searching for evidence on the homicide that I told you about earlier, right?


RIDGE: Okay, and this is your signature here on the bottom, Sammy Beason?


RIDGE: Uh, when you looked at the stick, did you ever examine it closely?

BEASON: No sir, I just looked at the stick and put it back in the closet.

RIDGE: Okay, do you know where in the closet it was found actually?

BEASON: No sir, like I said, my wife, she found it, Iím not familiar with exactly where it was, all I know is that she said it was in the closet.

RIDGE: Okay, Iím going to conclude this interview, you are aware that this is being taped, and itís alright with you?


RIDGE: Iím concluding the interview, the time is 9:16AM.