STATEMENT OF: Shannon Boals DATE: 9-7-93
119 Lori Lane Marion, AR
DOB: XXXX S/R: Female, White

Around May 21, 93 [6:30 or 7:00 written above line] I was at the Girls Club in West Memphis at my softball game and this girl name Michelle Carter told me that Damien Echols came up to her and said that he killed those boys and I just said really and she said yes. Then I got question by my Aunt Diane. Then she called Michelle and Michelle called me and asked me if I was questioned then I was never called or talked to by the police since then but then Sept. 7, 93 I was question again.

I have written this statement consisting of 1 page(s), and I affirm to the truth and accuracy of the facts contained therein.

This statement was completed at 6:00p.m., on the 7 day of Sept. 1993.
WITNESS: Bill Durham
[signed] Shannon Lea Boals