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Bradley Snelson
6/24/93 1:40 p.m.

Has lived in Highland Trailer Park and known Jessie Miskelley since November of 1992. Jessie has been to Bradley’s house and Brad has been to his house on a few occasions – never spent the night with each other. Played basketball together in the park. Has never been outside the trailer park with Jessie except one time to play football at the football field at Elite Lamp Co.

[Note in Margin “Bradley Snelson” “Amanda Deese”]

States that he does not know Jason Baldwin or Damien Echols.

Bradley states that sometime around Christmas of 1992, he, William (Bubba Thomas 792-7326) his cousin, Josh Darby, Jessie Miskelley and another guy – does not know his name – where spending the night with Josh (Highland Trailer Park) Jessie got some gas and several of them (not Bradley) started sniffing gas and got high.

States that one night shortly before the homicides several guys camped out in the woods – past the woods in a field close to Elite Lamp – they supposedly got drunk and did drugs. Dennis Carter, Jessie, Michael Carter (Dennis’ cousin) and Rick Appling were all there.

Bradley states that he was never around Jessie when he was drinking or high. States that the last time he saw Jessie was the day before he was arrested and they were playing softball. States that he

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never heard Jessie mention Damien or Jason and never heard him say anything about the homicides.

States that the only thing he ever heard about who did the homicides was from Pat Ashley – lives in Highland – that Robert Burch and 2 other people in Lakeshore did it.

S/Bradley Snelson
S/Amanda Deese

6/24/93 2:35 p.m.

Witness: S/Diane Hester
S/Ricky Deese