Triple Homicide
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DATE: 5-10-93
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Approx 1:00 PM I Talked to Mr. + Mrs. Moore about their whereabouts on Wed + Thur The 5th + 6th of Apr. 93 Mr Moore stated that he didn't Return home from his Truck Run Till 5:00 or 5:15 AM on the 6th of Apr. At no Time did cross over the Pipe to the North Side of Robin Hood Hills.
Approx 2: PM I meet with Mr. Byers + Friend He started Looking for his son Around 6:30 at 9:00 or 10:00 he was behind The Blue Beacon Truck Wash in the woods and Again at 10:00 AM on thur. 6 of Apr. He stated he seen a brown coat laying on the ground.
Approx 2:30 I Talked with Mrs. Hobbs who stated she was looking for her son around 10:00 AM on the 6 of Apr. in the woods behind the Blue Beacon but did not stay long because she had a bad feeling about the AREA. Mr. Hobbs was not at home at this Time.
[signed] Burch