Q: Would you state your name and occupation for the jury?

A: James Sudbury, I'm a lieutenant with the West Memphis Police Department.

Q: Alright. Detective Sudbury, did you participate in the investigation of the homicides of Michael and Stevie and Chris?

A: Yes, sir, I did.

Q: Alright. And in the course of your investigation did you participate in the search of the residence of Damien Echols?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: Alright. I want to show you what has been marked for identification purposes as State’s Exhibit 90 and ask if you can identify that?

A: (EXAMINING) (coughs) Excuse me. Yes, sir, I do. I can identify it by my writing which is on this bag. “Jason Baldwin’s boots at 2706 South Grove.”

Q: Alright. And uh, where did you obtain those boots?

A: At 2706 South Grove in West Memphis.

Q: Alright. And who placed uh -- when you arrived at uh -- well, first of all, whose residence was 2706 South Grove, West Memphis?

A: That was where Damien Echols resided.

Q: Alright. And when you arrived, who was present?

A: Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, uh, Damien's sister, I don't remember her name, and Dominique Teer.

Q: Alright. And um, how did you come into possession of the boots?

A: When I arrived there, I placed both Jason Baldwin and Damien under arrest, and when we were leaving, Jason said that those were his boots at which time I told him I would, I was going to confiscate those.

Q: Alright, would you open the sack?


Q: You can place 'em, put 'em back in the sack.


FOGLEMAN: Your Honor, could I have just a minute?



FOGLEMAN: Your Honor, I don't have any further questions at this time.

STIDHAM: No questions, your Honor.

FOGLEMAN: I will -- your Honor I want to offer, excuse me, State's Exhibit 90.

STIDHAM: And that would be the --

FOGLEMAN: Jason Baldwin's boots.

STIDHAM: Your Honor, we just ask that you note our previous objection to relevancy.

THE COURT: Overruled, and they may be received. You're free to go. No need to keep him around, is there?

FOGLEMAN: No, sir.

THE COURT: You're free to go.

SUDBURY: Thank you, your Honor.