505 Balfour 5-17-93

On Monday 5-17-93 at 8:20AM I Det George Blair Interview Mrs Susan Sanders In Reference to Damien and his Mother Visiting on 5-5-93. Statement Is as follows Susan Sanders stated that on 5-5-93 between 6:30 and 7:00PM She left her Residence and went to the Splash Casino In Miss. Her Daughter Stacy Sanders told her that some where between 7:00PM and 7:15PM Damien and his Mother showed up at her Residence they stayed about 15 Minutes and left. 2 Days later Damien's Mother told her (Susan Sanders) that the police would come by her house and ask her questions and told her to Remember that her and Damien Came to Visit her on 5-5-93 that Evening Also told her that Damien Didn't Kill those Boys he was with her all night.

G Blair