(p. 939)

having been duly sworn to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then testified as follows:


Q: Tabitha, would you state your name and where you live for the ladies and gentlemen of the jury?
A: My name is Tabitha Hollingsworth, and I live in Marion.
Q: What part of Marion do you live in?
A: Lakeshore.
Q: Okay, the best you can you need to speak up. Are you scared?
Q: Don’t be scared. How old are you, Tabitha?
A: Seventeen.
Q: I want you to go back to May the 5th. Do you remember being with your mom and some other family members that night?
A: Yes.
Q: Where did you all go?
A: We was going to pick my grandmother up from work and take her home.
Q: All right. And where does she work?
(p. 940)
A: She works at a laundromat in West Memphis.
Q: How do you go to get to where your grandmother is?
A: We go down by Love’s and the Blue Beacon.
Q: Do you go on the interstate or the service road?
A: Interstate.
Q: All right. And who all was in the car with you?
A: It was me, my dad, my brother, my sister. We was all in the car.
Q: Do you remember about what time this was?
A: About 9:30.
Q: And on the way to get your grandmother, did you see somebody that you knew?
A: Yes.
Q: Who did you see?
A: I seen Damien and Domini walking.
Q: All right. Who is Domini?
A: Domini Teer lives out there where I do.
Q: What does she look like?
A: She’s got red hair. It’s long.
Q: Okay. And that night what was Damien wearing?
A: He was wearing black pants and a black shirt.
Q: What color clothes was Domini wearing?
A: She was wearing some black pants that kind of had flowers on them.
Q: Okay, and what about a shirt?
(p. 941)
A: Black.
Q: Was there anything about her pants? What was the condition of the pants?
A: It had holes above the knees.
Q: What about the condition of the clothes of both of them?
A: They - - they was kind of muddy.
Q: And where did you see them?
A: Beside Blue Beacon. They was right before you get there - - they was walking.
Q: They was where now?
A: They was right beside Blue Beacon.


THE COURT: All right, ladies and gentlemen, with the usual admonition not to discuss the case, you may stand in recess until 9:30 in the morning.