On 080393, I Detective B. Ridge made contact with Wendy R. Holm in Memphis, Tennessee. Wendy stated that she was aware that Brian Holland a,d Christopher Morgan had been picked up in California for questioning concerning the homicide of three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. She stated that she would not have remembered the date of May 5, 1993 if it hadn’t been for the call she received from California. She stated that a police officer had called and requested information concerning the whereabouts of Chris and Brian on that date.

Wendy stated that she had gotten out her calendar and found that date fell on the fifth and she remembered that she had gone to the beach of the Mississippi River on that date and that she had layed out getting a tan. She stated that both Chris and Brian were with her and that they were climbing the banks and cliffs of the river while she was sunbathing. She stated that after they left the beach she and both boys went to her apartment for a little while and that later that night she and the boys went to a club that she knew as the Red Square where they stayed until about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.

Wendy stated that the boys were with her the entire time and that she had no knowledge of he boys death. She further stated that the only information that she had concerning the boys was that a Robert Deangelo was close to one of the boys and that he took it pretty hard when he found out about his death. Wendy further stated that Chris had gone to West Memphis with Robert to see some of the family but that was all she knew about the murders.

Wendy stated that she knew that Chris and Brian were back in Memphis but that she hasn’t talked to either of them very much since they returned. She stated that they had told her about being questioned in California and that they had taken a polygraph examination and that the polygraph examination said something about that they were being untruthful. But both boys stated that the polygraph must have been wrong.

Detective B. Ridge
West Memphis Police Department