State of Arkansas )
) ss.
county of Saline

Before the undersigned Notary Public, duly qualified and acting in and for said county and state, appeared Xavier Redus, to me well known to be the affiant herein, who stated the following under oath:

"1. My name is Xavier Redus. My date of birth is XX-XX, 1977.

2. I was incarcerated with Jason Baldwin in the Juvenile Detention Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I do not remember the exact dates when I was there, but I believe that I was already there before Jason arrived.

3. When Jason Baldwin first arrived on the unit, we used to mess with him. All of us used to ask him whether he did it. We used to say things like "Did you kill those kids?"

4. There were some other guys in the Detention Center that I remember, including Freddy Trice, Leonard Haskins, and Montavious Gordon. All of us messed with Jason at first. One of the people who messed with him a lot at first was Freddy Trice. After a while, because I knew Freddy, I told Freddy to stop messing with him. By that time, my feeling was that Jason was okay.

5. After a while, Jason got comfortable with me. It took a few weeks. He was really uncomfortable at first. He seemed shook up about being in the unit. He looked like he didn't know where he was. After he settled in, he and I got along.

6. Jason never told me, or anyone else as far as I know, that he had anything to do with these murders.

7. Eventually, I was locked up with him at Varner Unit after he was tried. I would see him from time to time. We talked while we were in prison. He has never admitted any part in those killings even after his conviction.

8. There were black guys and white guys on the Juvenile Detention Center unit when Jason was there. I never saw Jason have any problems with anyone on the unit either black or white. I never remember any white guy on that unit standing up for Jason and trying to take on one of the black guys. I am black, and several of the people I knew on that unit are black as well. None of us ever threatened Jason. After the first two or three weeks, most of us thought he was all right, and there was no reason for us to go after him at all.

9. There was a day room in the Juvenile Detention Center unit in Jonesboro. I remember that sometimes Jason was let out into the day room when the rest of us were locked down in our cells. After a while, they let us go out with him into the day room. There were two tables there. I remember playing games at the tables. I don't like playing spades. I do remember playing a card game called Uno. I never remember being at a table and playing with Jason. I don't remember Jason talking to too many people when he was in the day room. He was usually quiet.

10. I remember hearing Jessie Misskelley's name on T.V. while I was in the Center. I never remember Jason saying he wanted to kick Misskelley's ass. Jason was not that kind of guy. The average person in that place could have kicked Jason's ass. Jason was not a tough guy. He did not try to act tough. That's why I took a liking to him after a while.

11. I never remember Jason talking at all about his case. I believe that I got along with Jason as well as anybody in the juvenile unit, and maybe even better than anyone else. Jason never was a showoff. That was another reason that I got to like him. I probably talked to him more than anyone else that we were locked up. I never heard him talking about cutting people up, or sucking the blood out of people or things like that.

12. There was one guy who was on the unit who did act and talk crazy from time to time. He was charged with murder. His name was Leonard Haskins. He was facing more time than anyone except for Jason.

13. I never remember any time when Leonard, a white guy, and I ever sat down to play cards together with Jason. It could have happened, but I don't remember it. But I am sure that there was never a time when Leonard and I were messing with Jason that one of the white guys told us to back off, or said that they might come after us or fight us. From what I remember, the black guys on the unit could handle themselves better, and had more time on the streets than the white guys in that unit. There was never any threats aimed at Jason after his first two or three weeks in that unit. Nobody actually ever moved on him, or made a real move to do him harm. Nobody had any reason to stand up for him after he had been on that unit for a while. The guys who had been there for awhile with him would have stood up to any outsider who had tried to mess with him later on, because Jason was okay.

14. I don't remember a white guy called Michael Carson being on the unit. He may have been there, but he does not stand out. I sure don't remember anybody who was in that unit for a short time trying to talk tough with any of the guys who had been on the unit for awhile.

15. If I had been called to testify about what went on in the unit, I would have told the truth, which is what I'm saying in this affidavit."

[Handwritten] 16. I have read the foregoing statements and state that they are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief X.R.

Further the affiant sayeth naught.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand this 6 day of 6-04, 2004

Xavier Redus (signature)